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Vitalograph Ltd, UK is a world leading provider of outstanding quality respiratory diagnostic devices, clinical trials and medical equipment servicing. Vitalograph are world leaders in Spirometers and other Pulmonary Function Testing Systems. Vitalograph design, manufacture and market respiratory diagnostic products. Vitalograph is recognised world wide for simple and effective lung function test equipment, widely used in primary care, occupational health, sports medicine, asthma management and hospitals. Vitalograph is represented in 113 countries through authorised Distributors who are trained to provide a high standard of product sales and support, with ready back up when needed.

With a pioneering heritage of excellence spanning half a century, Vitalograph continue to make valuable contributions to effective medical care and enhanced quality of life. Their extensive respiratory range include:

  • Spirometers
  • COPD Screeners
  • Asthma Monitors
  • Lung Monitors
  • Lung Age Monitors
  • Peak Flow Meter
  • Bacterial Viral Filters
  • e-diaries etc.

Vitalograph spirometers come with the most accurate, robust linear Fleisch Pneumotachograph technology. Fleish type Pneumotachography is based on the measurement of differential pressure. The flow-head consists of a bundle of steel capillary tubes (honey-comb shaped) with fixed resistance which is not sensed by the patient.

Vitalograph Spirometers have extremely low resistance to flow and no inertia. There is no chance of wear to spirometer since there are no moving parts inside the flow-head. Precise BTPS correction is automatically applied by Vitalograph spirometers. Adjustment for calibration is never normally required. Vitalograph spirometers comply with ATS (American Thoracic Society) and ERS (European Respiratory Society) recommendations.

Vitalograph copd - 6

Vitalograph copd-6 is a revolutionary COPD Screener from Vitalograph. This unique device identifies those at risk at the pre-symptomatc stage and allows early medical intervention and facilitate better clinical outcomes. By using the copd-6 to screen out those whose FEV1 is normal it is possible to determine who does not have COPD without the risk of false negatives. This efficient, easy to use and cost effective screening device allows spirometry resources to be focused on those most likely to be diagnosed with COPD.

The award winning copd-6 USB, the latest addition to the Vitalograph range of COPD screeners.. Designed to link to your PC to produce electronic and hard copy colour reports the copd-6 USB makes identifying pre-symptomatic COPD easier than ever.


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