Stress Test

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Dedica : Dedicated Stress Test

Our legacy of more than 1120 stress test installations as allowed:

  • Stress ECG with a rock steady baseline at heart rate more than 210.
  • Compliance with full frequency response of 0.05 Hz. to 150 Hz. as stipulated by American Heart Association.
  • Accurate computation of ST levels, assuring excellent correlation with angiography.
  • Clean ECG without muscle tremor or 50 cycle noise.
  • A treadmill that can take a sumo's weight.
  • ST integral of all 12 leads.
  • 1 mm grid display on screen.
  • Graphic display of ST levels of all leads.
  • Trends also for R wave, RPP, METs and PVC per minute.
  • Alarm for HR and ST depression.

Acquisition Screens

  • 12 lead raw ECG of 4 seconds each, all 12 medians with enlargement x2, x3 and x4 times, with superimposition or side by side viewing of current median on basal or peak exercise median ; or
  • Three lead mode - 12 medians with user selectable 3 long leads of 8 seconds each and one enlarged median, comparable with basal or peak exercise median.

Distinct Features

  • During acquisition when in auto mode, the enlarged median having maximum ST depression is automatically selected and displayed.
  • During acquisition, medians can be refreshed at an interval from 1 to 8 seconds.
  • Data can be reviewed beat to beat with full disclosure for all 12 leads of the entire test.
  • There is virtually no constraint on the number of cases which can be stored for review.